Information for tutors

As a tutor, you try to help students to get the best out of themselves and their studies. Students learn best when they have insight in their own study behavior and motivation and know how to self-regulate. Self-regulation means that students are actively involved in their study before, during and after learning. It includes study behaviors such as planning and goal setting, monitoring progress, and reflecting on learning and study behavior. 

The Thermos project gives students insight in their study behavior and motivation by means of a Learning Analytics Dashboard (LAD). Presenting students with data about their study motivation and study behavior does not necessarily work, as interpreting and acting upon data (visualizations) is not always easy (Jivet et al., 2020). Therefore, we aim to implement Thermos in meaningful educational contexts (e.g., tutor programs) to increase the value of the dashboard for learners (Wise et al., 2016). 

The video below gives you a short introduction to the dashboard and its functionalities. 

Want to know more about the dashboard and its functionalities? Please visit the page ‘Project Background’.