Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get access to the Thermos dashboard?
A: Go to, there you can login to the dashboard using the ‘Login with Solis’ button.

Q: Can I use the Thermos-dashboard with my smartphone or tablet?
A: You can access the dashboard using your smartphone or tablet, BUT: we highly recommend using a laptop or desktop. The dashboard’s lay-out can’t be properly displayed on a smaller screen so you may miss interesting information. 

Q: Where can I find more information about the theoretical basis of the dashboard?

A:In the development of the dashboard, we’ve used relevant literature. See the ‘References’ section for suggested articles. 

Q: With whom can I get in touch for questions about my scores in the dashboard?
A:The first person to get in touch with is your tutor or study advisor. If you want further support, click on an aspect in the dashboard and click the ‘additional support’ button. There you will find further referrals. 

Q: With whom can I get in touch if I have questions about the project or the dashboard?
A: For any questions about the project or specifics of the dashboard, feel free to get in touch with Lars at

Q: How is the dashboard’s security and data protection being handled?
A: We have spent quite some time arranging privacy and data security. For more information, read the privacy statement at 
For any further questions, feel free to contact Lars at

Q: I can’t login to the dashboard, what should I do?
A: If something doesn’t work when using the Thermos dashboard, try these steps:
1) Don’t use a VPN when trying to access the dashboard.
2) Use Chrome, Firefox, of Safari, not Microsoft Edge
3) Open the dashboard in ‘incognito mode’ (Chrome) or in a ‘private window (Firefox & Safari).
4) Close all tabs with the dashboard open, remove the cookies and cache/buffer from your browser history, then try to login again.