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Project Summary

Over a third of the bachelor students at the UU experience study delay or dropout (VSNU, KUO, Institutional Graduation Rates 2012 Cohort). Some underlying occurring factors are sub-optimal study behaviour, low well-being and demotivation. Learning environments in which students, together with their supervisor (i.e., tutors, study advisers, teachers) monitor their progress and receive support, can improve study behavior and motivation.


Utrecht University (UU) aims to create a learning environment for all students that will supports their development as optimal as possible (Strategic Plan UU, 2016-2020). THERMOS contributes to this, by offering students more control over their study approach. This will be accomplished by providing information about how they study (study behaviour) and how they experience the learning environment (study experience), and this will be integrated with data about their study progress (OSIRIS). The students can get support from tutors and study advisors when wanted. THERMOS also helps these supervisors to monitor the study behaviour, experience and progress of students and this will help them in their conversations with students. When aggregated at group level, it can inform teachers about the learning environment in their course.


The method in the project consists of co-designing with the mentioned stakeholders, in compliance with privacy legislation with the purpose to expand the existing Learnlytics platform with:

·         surveys about study behaviour and experience

·         linking to progress data from OSIRIS

·         a feedback module with visualizations and narrative feedback

These modules form the THERMOS feedback instrument. The instrument will be evaluated formatively and summarily with all stakeholders.
The formative evaluation focuses on improving the instrument, its uses and applications.
The summative evaluation focuses on the usability of the instrument, to measure and influence on study behaviour and motivation of students and the (informed) actions of tutors, study advisors and teachers.